This Is How Hard Rock Resorts Can Elevate Your Next Beach Vacation

Growing up, I always thought of Hard Rock as the restaurant my family and I would eat at while on vacation — you know, the one with old guitars and records on the walls.

And while this isn’t necessarily a false description of the famous company, I have learned that it is so much more than just a restaurant.

Not only are there 174 restaurants and 25 hotels under the name, but there are also 5 world-renowned All Inclusive resorts — and they are stunning.

So, next time you’re thinking of heading out on a beach vacation, you may want to look into what Hard Rock resorts have to offer — because it’s a lot.


At Hard Rock properties, they have someone on staff who is in charge of dictating the vibe of the resort — how cool is that?

This is something that is totally unique to these destinations and, let me tell you, it makes a huge difference.

From morning until night, Hard Rock resorts have activities, games, events, music and more going on throughout the property.

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Hard Rock resorts offer a full culinary experience!

At each meal, you’ll have the opportunity to taste locally-farmed produce, the highest quality prime USDA meats, fresh premium seafood and a wide variety of flavors.

Each meal and each dish are promised to be chef-crafted, unique and memorable. Yum.

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Some Hard Rock properties feature a pool inside their nightclubs — yup, you read that right.

But, even if you’re unable to take a dip in the pool while enjoying some music and few drinks, you’re sure to have a good time thanks to the on-site DJ and top shelf liquor.

And, I can tell you from experience that Hard Rock resorts have some of the best and most engaging night out experiences. You’re going to have fun.

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While on property, Hard Rock invites you to become a rockstar yourself!

For any guests over the age of 12, Hard Rock properties offer an immersive music experience complete with musical instruments, modern day tracks, video equipment and more.

It’s totally unique and an experience you will never forget.

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Whether it’s playing a round of golf, finding zen at the spa, fine dining or an action-packed adventure, Hard Rock resorts want you to fully enjoy your vacation experience.

So now, in order to partake in these activities, all you have to do is pay 25% (the tax) of the total cost.

It’s a pretty amazing deal.

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Hard Rock Riviera Maya has an amazing waterslide, climbing wall and obstacle course!

Offering numerous slides, water games, pools and more, this stunning amenity is perfect for any family with kids.

Though you won’t find this at every property, each has a variety of fun and adventurous activities for kids and adults alike.

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