This Is What You Should Pack In Your Carry-On

When travelling, I’m a pack-a-carry-on-only kind of girl. Meaning, no matter where I’m going or for how long, I will only bring a small roller bag and a backpack.

“Why?” you ask. Well, let me tell you.

For one, I hate the process of checking a bag. For two, I hate the possibility of losing my bag while en route. And, for three, I hate over-packing — and less luggage means less stuff.


Honestly, even though it sounds like a challenge, packing light can be super easy.

So, when headed out on your trip, follow a few guidelines from Refinery29 Fashion Editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg. Even if you don’t follow her packing tips to a t, you’ll learn how to pack smarter — I promise.

Happy jet-setting, folks!

This Is What You Should Pack In Your Carry-On:

For gals

For dudes

So, ready to head out on your trip? Reach out to your BeachMaster with any pre-trip questions.