This Is Why You Should Go to Jamaica

As travel agents here at BlueSun Vacation, we get the privilege of touring resorts all over the Caribbean and Mexico.

We get to see properties with our own eyes, taste the food and experience the culture. It’s part of what defines us as BeachMasters and helps us better serve you! It’s a hard job friends, but someone has to do it.

About a year ago, I participated in a week-long trip to Jamaica to see a few properties first-hand. Here are 5 reasons I would feel most than confident sending you and your loved ones here.


I have to admit – I’m a foodie. I have very high standards, especially on vacation. The flavors in Jamaica are amazing and keep you coming back for more and more… and more.

While you’re there, remember these two words — BEEF PATTIES. Deliciously seasoning beef baked in a puff pastry. I probably ate my weight in this native treat. As soon as you land, do yourself a favor and find some. Then stuff some in your purse and bring them home to freeze.


The people who worked at our resort were some of the kindest I have ever met. Some nights they even sat down with us to tell stories of their own travels. They were good at anticipating our needs, like offering us a welcome drink at the door, a smoothie after a swim or a dry towel at the beach. They served us well and their answer to any questions was always, “Yeah mon! No Problem!”


There are a TON of excursion options in Jamaica. But, if you have the opportunity to take a tour with Prospect Outback Adventures — do it! We toured a plantation and inside they had a hilarious guide who climbs a 30 ft coconut tree BAREFOOT and takes you through all the medicinal secrets of the local fruits and you get to eat them as well. A lot of celebrities have done this tour as well, including Shakira and Drew Barrymore.


Shortly after landing, you will realize that Rum is a pretty (read: very!!!) big deal in Jamaica. You can find it mixed in just about anything. My favorite was Banana Rum mixed with pineapple and orange juice. Yum!


We toured some of the most beautiful resorts I have ever seen. They have something for everyone. Wanting a contemporary Miami feel? Riu Palace is for you. Romantic and Luxurious? Secrets St. James. Modest Adults Only by the beach? Jewel Paradise Cove.

Ready to head to Jamaica? We can help.