7 Tips for Budgeting and Saving Up For Vacation

Summer is calling and you know what that means? I start to get ansy to kick-back, relax, and post up on the beach. Anyone else?


But if you are anything like me, saving over spending is definitely not my greatest strength. But you aren’t alone! First of all, we’re just glad you see the value in time off and a much needed vacation, especially one to the tropics of the Caribbean or the beaches of Mexico. The time before your trip however, whether you’ve booked or are waiting, this can be a stressful time…




We want you to know that you are not alone and thankfully you’ve got the first step down: take an all-inclusive vacation. So here’s some helpful tips that we have personally used to really prioritize that vacation and feel as stress-free as possible even before your feet hit the sand.


7 Tips for Budgeting and Saving Up For Vacation

Open a separate vacation bank account

Your vacation matters and is worth prioritizing. So it might be helpful to keep it separate from your generic savings accountThis may be a good idea between the time you book and pay in full for your All Inclusive trip. Did you know that you can do that? You can pay a low-deposit, you just have to pay in full 45 days before departure.

Cut back on eating out

This is the hardest discipline of all, and we all know that guilty feeling where you’ve eaten out at too many restaurants that week


But cutting back and eating at home will honestly make all that free food and drinks at your resort soooo worth it and much deserved.

Sell old clothes

As you’re packing and preparing for what you want to take with you to your resort, maybe scrounge through old clothes you don’t wear anymore and try to sell them.

Spare change jar

This can be a fun way at home to get excited for what’s ahead and feel proud of yourselves for saving up and taking a much needed vacation.

Save your tax refunds

Planning ahead never hurt anyone.

Envelope system

This is usually my reaction when someone suggests “the envelope system”


However, right after getting married, this has helped me not buy that unneeded latte on the way to work or that extra tshirt on sale that I don’t really need it. Any sort of discipline before letting everything go on your all-inclusive won’t feel amazing at first. But just imagine your BeachMaster high-fiving you along the way!

Budgeting apps 

If the physical envelope system isn’t for you, an app on your smart phone may be for you. Sometimes, we don’t see how much we really spend eating out until we see it right before our eyes. I’ve found that these apps make budgeting stress easier and manageable. And most of the time they’re free!