10 Tips For Sleeping on a Plane Like a Pro

One of my least favorite things is getting off the plane for vacation (or even work) and being dog tired.

I’ve been a butt-crack-of-dawn flyer for something like 10 years now, but somehow, I always end up staying up until like 12 the night before — it’s stupid. So, over the years, I’ve gotten reeeal good at napping on planes.

Live footage of me on every flight ever:


Though sleeping in a cramped, upright seat isn’t exactly ideal, there are a few hacks for making it bearable — and even pretty comfy at times.

10 Tips For Sleeping on a Plane Like a Pro:

1. Get a neck pillow.

I know, I know — lugging these around is not the dream. But, if you’re anywhere but the window seat, a nice, cushy neck pillow can be a total lifesaver.

2. Get an eye mask.

Admittedly, I’m not super crazy about being the eye-mask-wearing-sleeping person on a flight — but sometimes, you just have to.

3. Wear comfortable clothes.

I think this goes without explanation. Comfy clothes equal a (more) comfy plane ride.

4. Bring a blanket or jacket.

Planes are never the right temperature — at least in my experience. Every once in a while I find myself sweating, but more times than not I’m shivering.

So, unless you’re boujee and sitting in first class, do yourself a favor and pack a travel blanket or jacket.

5. Choose a window seat.

If you’re looking to sleep, the window seat is where you want to be. This way, you can get all cozy leaning up against the wall.

6. Bring earphones. 

This is a must. Not only will earphones block out noise, but they will indicate to fellow passengers that you’re not looking to talk.

7. Listen to a calming travel playlist.

A calming playlist will help soothe any nerves you may have — especially during takeoff. It will also help block out noise and, hopefully, lull you to sleep.

8. Or, download episodes of your favorite TV show.

I don’t know about you, but I love falling asleep to the sound of voices — aka TV. So, before I head out on a flight, I typically download a few shows to stream.

9. Or, bring a book to read.

Books are great for quieting your mind and calming your nerves. In my experience, a few pages are typically enough to put me in the napping mood.

10. Order a glass of wine.

If you have the time and the budget — order a glass of wine! This will (read: should) help you relax and make you nice and sleepy.

So, ready to set out on your next adventure? We can help!