Recent Study Explains How Travel Can Change Your Life for the Better

Everyone knows the main benefit of travel — it’s fun! But, did you know that travel can actually change every aspect of your life for the better?

Global travel company Contiki recently released a study called The Power of Travel that highlights the positive impact that travel has on people. According to their findings, it can have lasting effects on everything from your career, to your self-confidence, to your love life, to your global impact.

The study surveyed 3,000 18 to 35-year-old travelers and non-travelers — specifically, those who’ve never been outside their home country — around the world. What they discovered throughout their interviews with these individuals is honestly more impactful and stirring than I could’ve imagined.

Though their study was focused on young people, I believe this philosophy can be applied to people of any age. After all, age is just a number — right?

How Travel Can Change Your Life for the Better:

Travel Empowers Careers
  • 63 percent of travelers said that travel experiences have improved their education and employment.
  • Travelers are 43 percent more likely to be satisfied with their employment opportunities.
  • 75 percent of travelers said that they are more confident and can perform well on different types of tasks.
  • Travelers are 15 percent more likely to have increased willingness to take risks or accept new challenges.
  • 25 percent of travelers are more likely to set goals for themselves and regularly achieve them.
  • 63 percent of travelers said that travel has helped their ability to problem solve efficiently.
Travel Creates Cultural Awareness
  • 13 percent of travelers place a high value on open-mindedness and seven percent are more likely to think “outside the box.”
  • 75 percent of travelers said that travel has created an awareness of other cultures that has led to increased tolerance and/or compassion.
  • 57 percent of travelers said that they often feel a sense of kinship with people from different ethnic groups.
  • Travelers are 27 percent more likely to feel a sense of responsibility for all people on planet earth.
Travel Creates Global Citizens
  • 40 percent of travelers said that they participate in activities in their community.
  • 46 percent of travelers voted in the last national election.
  • 21 percent of travelers said that they have written to or communicated with their national government.
  • 63 percent of travelers said that travel has shaped their perspective on global politics.
Travel Creates Connections to Others
  • 10 percent are more likely to find greater satisfaction in their close relationships with partners, family and friends.
  • Travelers are 42 percent more likely to seek out new friendships.
Travel Creates a Happier You
  • Travelers are more likely to exercise more than five times a week.
  • Travelers are 19 percent more likely to be happy.

So, ready to head out on your next adventure? We can help!

Image Source: Unsplash