Travel Tips to Save You Trouble

It only takes a few small details to create one big mess. That’s the last thing you want on your beach vacation to your long-awaited All Inclusive beach trip. And we want you to feel like you’re in good hands when you book your trip with us. Usually a vacation is about letting lose & being carefree. But with outcomes like an overcharged phone bill, flaky skin from too many sunburns, flight anxiety, and the pain of lugging around an over packed suitcase…it’s worth it to cover your bases & feel light and worry-free.

Travel Tips to Save You Trouble  

#1 Save your phone bill

Watch that phone bill! Check with your phone provider first because sometimes you can get charged extra when you’re traveling internationally. We suggest turning your phone on airplane mode and then just connecting to the resort wifi when possible.

#2 Save packing room

Packing light is an art. Some thrive off of packing the bare bones, others fall prey to –


Bring 1 or 2 nice dressy outfits and alternate if your group decides to go out for a nice dinner more than once. Ladies, use a swimsuit cover-up as a dressy option to save packing room, roll your clothes to pack everything snug. If you haven’t worn a certain outfit in over a year, you know you won’t wear it when you’re wanting to look fly at your resort.

For more packing tips from our expert travel agents, read “6 Tips For Packing Like The Experts” — trust us, it’ll put your mind at ease.


#3 Save your nerves

Make sure to bring all your needed documents for your flight & resort. Your BeachMaster will send you an email with everything you need, just make sure to heed their advice. And if traveling outside of the US, make sure you have a valid passport – that means that your travel dates are outside of 6 months of the expiration date marked on your passport.*

Now you can celebrate that giddy feeling you get when you’ve booked everything and your BeachMaster has sent you that beautiful itinerary email.

*Side note: If traveling with small children or infants, even at one day old, infants need a passport to travel abroad, including to Canada and Mexico.

#4 Save your back the hassle


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I always over pack & carry-on with massive books that I never end up reading or just way too much stuff that I don’t actually need. Take this vacation to lighten your load a little bit and make your bags light! Invest in a kindle, use your personal item as your beach bag, wear your heaviest shoes on the plane ride…you catch my drift.


#5 Save your airplane clothes

Wear the same airplane clothes there & back. No need to take up extra space that you could be using for extra beach accessories.


#6 Save yourself from embarrassment 

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The airport can feel overwhelming with all the travel rules especially when it comes to toiletries & liquids. Don’t be that person that has to empty out all their liquids and holds up the TSA line. Don’t worry, you can still follow suit with the rules while still bringing perfume & that makeup concealer you absolutely can’t live a day without. Buy those $1 containers for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, perfume, etc. so that you’re all air regulation friendly.

If you can, avoid liquid beauty products as much as you can. Go to a convenient store for smaller & non-liquid versions of products you love. Then try alternatives like makeup-remover wipes, dry face concealer, nail polish remover wipes, solid or roll-on perfume, dry shampoo, and then use those reusable clear bottles that are airline approved to hold the contact solution that you truly need.


#7 Save your piggy bank

I’ve spent so much money on swimsuits when in reality, you only need 1 to 2 swim bottoms to get you through the week. Just alternate and mix-n-match on tops and no one will notice the difference.

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#8 Save your feet 

Bring versatile shoes like Tevas, Birkenstocks, and Chacos that are trendy but also beachy.


#9 Save time

Always give yourself more time than you need. You’ll feel so much more at ease when you know you won’t miss your flight or airport transfers. Pack ahead of time, set your watch 10 minutes fast, whatever you need to do to put your mind at ease and actually rest on vacation.


#10 Save your skin

Pack sunscreen & Aloe Vera like your life depends on it. You can never have too much because that Mexico sun can be brutal if you don’t lather it up on your first few days. This will also save your wallet from having to put down major cash for sunscreen in destination.

#12 Save your neighbor

Bring a pair of clean socks in your carry-on so you can comfortably take your shoes off without offending the entire row with your feet, stinky or not…you just never know. It’s nice to be considerate.


#13 Save your wallet

Yes “All Inclusive” means all food and beverages (alcoholic and non) are covered plus tips and gratuities, your room stay, etc. But remember, NOT EVERY ALL INCLUSIVE IS CREATED EQUAL. You may have to pay a little extra for that spa treatment, fancy lobster restaurant, or jungle excursion. Budget out extra spending before you go for some extra treats on your trip: Excursions, fine dining (at select resorts), souvenirs, shopping (especially if traveling to Cancun), and local bars or clubs (also a huge hit in Cancun).



Want to feel truly ready to go?

Chat with your BeachMaster & read our blog post “What To Know Before You Go”

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