Unique Ways to Accessorize Your Travel Necessities

I always put travel accessories on the back burner when I travel, until I realize that organization would make my life so much easier and give me an opportunity to feel more put together. I feel so stressed at the airport when I am constantly scrambling through my purse to keep track of all my id’s among all my baggage. Don’t worry, this isn’t another “don’t forget your passport” tip. I wanted to show you some unique styles and ways to accessorize your travel necessities, keep all your important BlueSun travel documents organized, while still getting to rep your style.

Unique Ways To Accessorize Your Travel Necessities

Passport accessories

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Chic Passport has simple and beachy travel accessories that make you that much more excited to get to the beach.


Lightweight carry-ons

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“Meet the perfect carry-on,” is what the company Away says on their website. When traveling, you don’t want zippers flying open or worrying that any valuables will get disoriented while traveling to your resort in Mexico. There are two compartments designed to keep your clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. separated. And their carry-ons have a built-in battery that can charge any USB device. Talk about compact and convenient.


Passport wallets

Poketo is so artistic with their simplistic designs. They created a wallet to hold everything in one place for both traveling and everyday life.


Airplane comfort

neck pillow

Honestly, my last trip to Punta Cana made me really wish I had one of these neck pillows to lean against. Because nothing is worse than waking up (next to a stranger sometimes) with drool on your face and your neck muscles all out of whack.

These also fun and vibrant options out there!

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And if you’re feeling super trendy and bold, there’s always a unicorn option.

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Portable phone charger

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There’s so many brands out there that may be great for the budget, but stop working after using them for maybe a week. So we have heard from reviewers that CoBattery¬†is reliable when it comes to portable phone chargers that actually work. It comes with a phone case, two batteries, and one charging dock.


Electronic toothbrush

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Quip produces sleek, electronic toothbrushes great for on-the-go and compact traveling. Or your classic disposable Wisp toothbrushes if you’re looking for something temporary and budget-friendly.


Personal item

Whatever brand, style, or design you choose, this is your moment to shine. It can also be a moment to cram as many additional items as you can to bring with you. To feel less stressed about things getting lost or feeling overwhelmed with a heavy bag, I suggest you choose a reasonably sized bag so you pack lighter, have a zipper, and have pockets for organization.


Ready to travel in style? What’s your favorite travel accessory?

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