Why I Want To Spend Every Vacation at Karisma Resorts (After Visiting For A Week)

You know that feeling you get whenever you see those absolutely-stunning, perfectly-positioned beach vacation photos and feel like that can never be your reality?

Here’s the deal. It can. And after returning from scouting out these resorts I’m about to tell you about, you may not want to consider traveling anywhere else again.

Bold, but true.


Quick background: Our travel agents, plus myself, had the privilege to visit Karisma resorts in person. That way, whenever our guests call in, we can know exactly how to describe these resorts to you after seeing them firsthand. We were blown away to say the least.

I wanted to boil down some of the facts and give a little show-and-tell about my experience visiting these beautiful resorts in Mexico called Karisma.

9 quick reasons why I want to spend every vacation at Karisma Resorts (after only visiting for a week)



Have you ever had mind-blowing food that doesn’t do any photo justice? This is how I felt after every single meal at every single Karisma resort. These resorts pride themselves in their quality of food, which is somewhat rare for most resorts. Here were my favorite meals and where to find them:

-Chicken & Waffles – Palafitos restaurant at El Dorado Maroma
It was the most divine breakfast I have ever tasted in my life.

-Green Asparagus “Cappuccino” – Blue World Cuisine at Azul Beach Resort
I tried different vegetable “cappuccinos” aka soups on my trip and they were the perfect amount of light and creamy-goodness.

-All of the Mediterranean Cuisine – Habb Restaurant & Lounge at Generations Spa Resort & Hotel
We went family-style for this meal, whether it was fresh seafood, kebabs or chicken tikka masala, nothing disappointed at this restaurant.



This is really valuable and so unique to Karisma properties. We learned all about their sustainable efforts from their water and fuel conservation, artificial reef to prevent beach erosion, recycling program, solar panels, marine turtle conservation program, eco laundry ozone system and most notably, their greenhouse.

We got to visit their 7 greenhouses at El Dorado Royale where they provide all the vegetables and herbs for all their resorts.

Talk about unique.



Karisma resorts are located throughout Mexico from Tulum to Cancun. If you’re looking for a tropical beach vacation, you just need to stay here.

Everywhere I turned was a gorgeous palm tree, a tropical view of the beach, or a thatch-roofed suite making me feel like I was in the heart of Mexican culture and beauty.



Before I go any further, I need to talk about something called the “Palafitos” at El Dorado Maroma. These are over-the-water bungalows that reside on the ocean. We toured a bungalow and were met with a gorgeous, quaint room with glass floors, your own balcony, private mini pool and lounge area all overlooking the ocean. These bungalows also have an indoor jacuzzi and lemongrass scented showers. You can turn the water on and immediately be immersed with relaxing aromas.

Oh, not sure if you caught that. The bungalows have glass-floors aka a crystal clear view of the beautiful ocean floor.

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Another unique aspect to many of the room categories at Karisma resorts are the swim-out suites and outdoor showers. For amazing swim-out suites, no matter what floor you’re on, check out El Dorado Seaside Suites. For the outdoor showers, they are completely private to your suite, but there’s no ceiling. I’ve never showered under the stars, but after seeing these showers, it’s going to be a must now on vacations. [Find outdoor shower options at El Dorado Maroma, El Dorado Royale, El Dorado Casitas Royale and Generations Riviera Maya Suites.]



Okay, something that can be interesting about resorts is the vast difference between adults-only and family-friendly. Not that one is better than the other, but oftentimes there’s such drastic atmospheres and you may want a little bit of both. For example, an adults-only can provide a quiet getaway that is romantic and tranquil, but sometimes you want to play in a splash park and feel like a kid again.

Karisma does both beautifully. I will say, their adults-only resorts are more for laid-back vacationers. But when visiting the family-friendly Karisma resorts, they provide so many enjoyable aspects for adults that create little romantic nooks, while still providing amazing entertainment for kids as well as baby products like diapers, changing tables and even baby robes and slippers!

For Nickelodeon themed resorts check out Karisma’s Nickelodeon Resorts as well as Azul Beach Resort and Azul Sensatori Resort.



The bars were extremely notable and memorable. From fresh Mojitos to a Mezcal cocktail, many of Karisma’s resorts have bars dedicated to specializing in a specific type of drink – and doing it very, very well. Karisma’s bars range from energetic to chill, so it’s the perfect option if you want to slip away and enjoy a cold beachy beverage.

Pictured in the middle was a fresh coconut water, cream, agave and ice blended drink at El Dorado Seaside Suites. On the outside was my favorite bar at Azul the Fives decorated to celebrate Mexico’s independence.



I can’t stop swooning over Karisma’s pools. They are relaxing, gorgeous, upbeat, uniquely designed and provide options for different types of vacationers.

Plus there’s always food and drinks nearby, which is a huge plus. Find this adults-only pool at Azul The Fives.



Karisma desires to be known for their quality service and man, does it show. Not only, did all of their employees have fabulous English, but their service was spot-on and showed me that they truly care for the needs of their guests.

I absolutely fell in love with everyone I met at Karisma resorts. I found this to be unique and so memorable. Everyone working there seemed to genuinely love working for Karisma resorts and it shows in the standard of quality that they hold for their employees.



Something really unique about Karisma is their love for Mexico, its people and their culture. You will see almost every employee with an “I love Mexico and Mexico loves you” pin on their uniform. This is to express not only their branding, but that they believe its important to give back to the people of Mexico and to celebrate all the positive things happening in Mexico.

One practical way that Karisma is taking part in bettering the lives of their community is through a marmalade that is offered at the resorts which is made by Mayan hands to contribute to the development of their Mayan community.

They are more than just a resort property. They are an experience.


So, WHAT DO YOU THINK?!? Who wouldn’t want to spend their next vacation at one of these resorts?! Give one of our BeachMasters a call. Let’s freaking get you to the beach.