You Have to Watch This Woman Pack Over 100 Things Into Her Tiny Carry-On Bag

Like most humans, I struggle to pack efficiently. Though I always have good intentions, I usually end up sitting on top of my bag while grunting, shoving and praying that it will zip.

If this is the case, I typically give up and remove half of the bag’s contents — while silently weeping.


But apparently, I just haven’t been trying hard enough.


According to YouTuber Rachel Grant, there’s always room for more — if you know what you’re doing.

The video below shows the Master Packer efficiently packing over 100 items into a very small carry-on bag. From shoes, to scarves, to jackets, to hats — Rachel’s got it covered.

If this doesn’t give you motivation to be a better, smarter packer — nothing will.

Watch This Woman Pack Over 100 Things Into Her Carry-On Bag:

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