6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Sleeping Habits While Traveling

I am the world’s worst sleeper — self diagnosed. Especially when I’m traveling, I toss and turn and curse and groan until the sun rises… it’s miserable.

And, since I work in the travel industry, I’m on the road more than the average human. Meaning, I can’t really afford to get sub-par nights of sleep that leave me cranky and groggy the next day.

Recently, I’ve discovered a few methods and practices to help me get better, deeper sleep — and, let me tell you, it’s a game changer. Now, even when I’m on the road, I wake up fully rested, clear-headed and ready for the day ahead.

6 Ways to Maintain Healthy Sleeping Habits While Traveling:

What to Pack:

1. Pillow

Hotels provide pillows — obviously. But, if you’re a finicky sleeper, having your own pillow will make it easier to fall asleep in different, unfamiliar locations.

2. Eye Mask

Even if you’re super tired, light can make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. An eye mask will help you drown out your surroundings and drift into a deep sleep.

3. Scent

This is a new practice for me — and it’s so cool!

If you use a scent in your bedroom at home and no where else, you will start associating that scent with sleep. So, when you’re traveling, you can place that scent on your pillow or near your head, and it will help you relax.

Once Arrived:

1. Less Coffee

Don’t read this as — you can’t drink coffee. All I’m saying is that less is more when it comes to coffee because too much of it only makes sleep more difficult.

So, have you’re cup in the morning, but stray away from a lunchtime or after dinner cup.

2. Limit the Alcohol 

Hey, you’re traveling, so if you want wine — get wine!

But, you’ll do yourself a favor by weening off of it a couple hours before bedtime. Alcohol is known for putting people to sleep, but it will decrease the quality of your sleep later in the night.

3. Stay Active

Obviously, you’re not going to want to spend hours of your trip in the gym. But, staying active can help you’re quality of sleep.

So, when you’re planning-out your days, try to incorporate some adventure. Look up options for hiking, biking, surfing, walking and more. Make it fun!

So, ready to head out on your next trip? We can help!

Image Source: Unsplash