8 Ways to Recharge and Reconnect Without Your Phone

I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously addicted to my phone.

Like, when there’s even five seconds of silence or downtime, I subconsciously turn to my Instagram or Facebook or Twitter app for a few minutes (read: 30 minutes) of mindless scrolling.

I’ve started to feel like this is actually zapping brain cells, so I did a little research on how to fully disconnect from my phone. Below are some of the best tips I found.

8 Ways to Recharge and Reconnect Without Your Phone:

1. Keep your phone on silent so you don’t get pinged every few minutes.

2. Remove notifications from your phone. That’s right — no pop-ups to tell you that so-and-so wants to play Candy Crush, nor little numbers taunting you to open an app.

3. Put your inbox on pause. If anyone really needs to get in touch with you, they’ll find a way.

4. Plan activities that don’t mix well with phones. For example — you could go on a bike ride, to the pool or on a hike.

5. Delete the social media apps from your phone. You can reinstall them in under five minutes when you’re ready, but the lack of easy access will keep you from subconsciously scrolling Instagram when there’s a dull moment.

6. Leave your phone behind when you leave the house. Or if you’re driving and being disconnected makes you nervous, throw your phone in the glovebox.

7. Put your phone on airplane mode and disconnect Wi-Fi. It’s easier mentally than having your phone turned off, but really it’s not connected to anything.

8. When all else fails, go somewhere with no internet and no cell phone signal. I mean, let people know where you are, but if you’re seriously over-connected, this may be your only option.

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