What a Trip to Africa Actually Looks Like

I don’t know about you, but visiting Africa has always been at the top of my Bucket List.

Not only is the continent full of exciting adventures and amazing sights, but it also provides some of the most accommodating hotel experiences, world-renowned cuisine and rich culture — basically, it has everything you could ever want in an amazing vacation.

Now, the BlueSun Vacations team is offering trips to destinations all across the continent. Yes, you read that right — now you can go to Africa through BSV! And, to amp you up about this new type of trip we have to offer, we sat down with our in-house expert, Jason Carney, to get the inside scoop.

This is Jason.

Jason has been to Africa a total of 27 times, so he knows everything there is to know about planning a successful, fun and adventurous trip to the destination.

Below, you’ll find his expert advice on what landmarks to see, where to stay, what food to eat, how to see the most animals and more.

What a Trip to Africa Actually Looks Like:

First, can you tell us where you went on your last trip to Africa?

“During this last trip, I visited a slew of places in South Africa. Some of my favorite stops were Mosaic Private Sanctuary, The Ritz and Grootbos in Cape Town, the Gorilla Safari Lodge in Uganda, Hamilton Tented Camp in Kruger Park and Ku Sungula Safari Lodge.”

Mosaic Private Sanctuary


Why did you choose to visit South Africa?

Well, South Africa has more to offer in one country than probably anywhere else on Earth. In my opinion, a mandatory stop is Uganda so you can trek with the Silverback Gorillas. I mean — they do share 97% of our DNA, ya know.”


In comparison to All Inclusive beach resorts, how are the resorts in Africa?

“Typically, the resorts are much smaller, so there are less people, which makes for a more intimate, personalized experience. You feel so VIP and the local staff takes care of your every need. It really creates this idea that you are on top of the world. Plus, if you enjoy being at-one with the wild — there is no place better.”


What activities did you do on your trip? And which one was your group’s favorite?

“Well, we dove with sharks, tracked animals on a few Big Five safaris — both on land and on foot –, trekked with the silverback gorillas, hung out with some penguins and seals, dined in a ton of amazing restaurants — one was a 32 course meal — and spent time with local group of people called the Batwa Pygmies. I love to be around local people and the Batwa were some of the most welcoming people I’ve ever come into contact with — their smiles are so addicting. But, seeing 60,000 seals on one small island was probably one of the coolest things we did.”


What animals did you see on your trip?

Almost every safari animal you can imagine — except a Lion. We saw a ton of giraffes, hippos, rhinos, impalas, wart hogs and so many other things that I can’t even remember. Oh yeah, and lots of Elephants!”


What destination was the most beautiful to you?

The Cape Peninsula outside of Cape Town. Priceless”


Can you share your favorite memory from the trip?

“Well, my second to last night I was texting my wife about how amazing the trip had been. While I was typing out my message, I was walk around outside and then BAM, I ran smack into a tree. I cut my head and started bleeding — it was an ordeal. Why is that my fav memory? Because I thought I was dreaming and after that I realized it was all real! FYI — texting and walking isn’t a good idea while traveling to new places, haha.”


What was the best meal you had on your trip?

“The 32 course meal at Grootbos was definitely my favorite. Honestly, it really can’t be described outside of seeing the pictures.”


Can you describe a typical day someone can expect from a trip to Africa?

“Excitement, fresh air and, most days, you’ll be able check something off your Bucket List — and then turn around the next day and do it again. I’ve never been bored for a minute in Africa, even if I’m just chilling for the day.”


What type of person would you recommend for a trip to Africa?

Anyone breathing that requires a global experience like nothing you have ever had.”


To the traveler who has previously traveled to an All Inclusive beach trip with BlueSun Vacations, why should they consider a trip to Africa next?

“Do you want to up your vacation experience, but don’t really know where to begin?  Africa is where it’s at. Don’t get me wrong, I love being on the beach at an All Inclusive resort, but personally, I want to experience life every single day I’m on this earth. Africa gives me the opportunity to do that.”


What advice would you give to someone who is already considering a trip to Africa, but doesn’t know what to do next?

“Call me! I’m not your typical guy trying to sell you a trip to somewhere you don’t want to go. I have a non-profit called 2ndmilk.org in four countries in Africa. Not only do I want to help change Africa, I also want to help people change their perspective on Africa, as well as create an experience for them that will last forever!”

Ready to plan your trip to Africa? Let me help!