What Happens When You Don’t Book with a Travel Agent

There are many things credit cards and internet sites can’t buy when it comes to travel.

We see it all the time — dad books a trip to Jamaica and forgets about hurricane season, or you and your friends plan a trip to Cancun and the hotel looks nothing like the photo on the website.

So when asked, “Why should I book with a travel agent?” I simply reply, “Because we LOVE being travel experts!” Travel agents not only have first-hand travel experience, they also have benefits and connections that consumers simply can’t access on their own. Plus, we don’t cost you anything! Instead, we get paid by our vacation provider to ensure you’re getting the best vacation planning experience possible.

Still not convinced to use an agent? Below are examples of travel hiccups that happen when you don’t.

What Happens When You Don’t Book with a Travel Agent:
  • All the nicer rooms are booked and you’re forced with a less expensive option – Travel agents have connections that allow them to book rooms and flights ahead of time at lower rates, allowing us to book them for even the most last-minute traveler. Need a five-star presidential suite at IBEROSTAR Cancun that’s “booked” solid? We’ve got it. Non-stop flight to the Dominican during the busiest travel season of the year? No problem!
  • Flights are canceled and you have to rebook. Sure. You can book a flight yourself, but the second it gets canceled you’ll be waiting in the ‘rebook’ line wishing you had booked with a travel agent. In that case, you could call them and reschedule without having to spend the night at the airport.
  • You get a garden view room when an oceanfront view could have only been $40 more – Sometimes marginal upgrades are difficult to distinguish online. Because travel agents have both the training and first-hand experience of visiting the locations, we can tell you the difference between a four-and-a-half-star rating vs. a five-star rating without the mixed online reviews.
  • The resort is way worse than the online reviews portrayed – I’ll admit, there are some resorts I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to that have decent online ratings. That’s why we can tell you which resorts are worth spending an arm and a leg and which ones aren’t.
  • Expensive amenities– Paying for most amenity perks are worth it, but expensive. An agent will help you navigate all the choices to make sure you’re getting the best options even if it means paying a little bit extra to get exactly what you want in a vacation and more.
  • Don’t have travel insurance – Don’t be that person who gets hugged by a jelly fish and rushed to a free medical clinic in the middle of Cancun. Get coverage when you travel! We offer exceptional options on travel insurance policies that allow you to cancel up until the last day and give you cash back or travel credit.

Well that’s my two cents. What about you? What benefits have you experienced from booking with a travel agent? Tell us in the comment box below!

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