What is “Spa by Pevonia”?

When researching your resort you might wonder what the deal is with this “spa by Pevonia” thing.  All of our BeachMasters  suggest investing in a spa experience when traveling to an All Inclusive.

But what are the spas really about?

Here’s all your questioned answered regarding your resorts’ spa by Pevonia experience:


What is the spa by Pevonia?

Pevonia is a worldwide skincare line that is the first to provide products exclusively to an elite spa.  The spas at any All Inclusive contain premium spa packages for an amazing experience. But you can know you’re getting upscale treatment when you see the words “spa by Pevonia”.

The most well-known spa is the Secrets Spa by Pevonia. According to Secrets themselves, the Secrets Spa by Pevonia is a tranquil escape for, “rejuvenating body and facial treatments, soothing hydrotherapy, relaxing massage treatments and pampering salons” all within your resort.

What resorts provide the Pevonia spas experience?

Secrets, Dreams, Breathless, and Now all provide the spa by Pevonia. Theses are some of our absolute favorite resorts!

Does it cost extra to do a spa treatment?

Yes, it does cost extra. But believe us when we say: it’s worth it. It will make your experience that much better. Our BeachMasters never leave without hitting up the spa.

When one of our BeachMasters’ wives recommended a spa treatment, she told us, “I had the best massage of my life. You have to do it.”

You definitely won’t regret it.

When should I arrive at my appointment?

You should arrive at least an hour before your appointment so you can enjoy the pre-treatment experiences that are complimentary to your spa package.

What spa packages does the spa by Pevonia offer?

Not every All Inclusive is the same, but across the board you will find most of these packages:

The Body Treaments at the spa by Pevonia are very unique, including chocolate body wraps, seaweed wraps, and body exfoliation treatments. The Massage Treatments can range from neck, shoulders, and back massages, Swedish massages, to hot stone massages, aromatherapy, and special oils massages. You can experience the Salon Treatments with hair treatments, manicures, and pedicures that can be as advanced as you choose.

Why should I do the spa at my resort?

Here’s 3 reasons to choose the Secrets Spa by Pevonia:

1. The pre-treatment experience

Upon arrival, you will be taken to a private locker room area where you can safely leave your belongings. Make sure you wear a swimsuit under your clothes. Then you can stroll around in a fancy robe and slippers enjoying the luxury. There are complimentary snacks and drinks as well as a shower area, Jacuzzi baths, a sauna, steam rooms, hydrotherapy and a relaxation lounge. It’s all yours until your appointment time.

2. The luxurious experience

The oils they use at a spa by Pevonia are exclusive to elite spas. You have the option to invest in different types of oils to heighten your luxurious experience (i.e. at Secrets the Vine they use wine-infused oils in their wine-therapy treatments). During your treatment you will smell all the good smells and feel all the good feels. From beginning to end, you will experience top notch luxury where nothing is sub-par.

3. It heightens your relaxing experience at your resort

Instead of maybe leaving your resort tired from being out in the sun all day, you’ll walk away from your trip feeling truly relaxed. We suggest you do your treatment on one of your last days so you can return from your resort fully rejuvenated and relaxed.