Why You Should Invest In a Karisma Resort

Are you looking to step-up your vacation game? Are you looking to enjoy gourmet food and drink? Are you looking for unmatchable  service?

Well, look no further than Karisma resorts? From the amenities, to the food, to the staff, to the decor — everything about Karisma resorts is breathtaking and unforgettable.

Below are a few reasons why you should invest in a vacation to one of their amazing properties.

Why You Should Invest In a Karisma Resort:

1. Food Quality 

These resorts pride themselves in quality of food — which is pretty rare.

Each property has a variety of gourmet a la carte restaurants, buffets — or “food displays,” as they call them –, food stands and room service options.

Not that other resort food is bad, but… this is better.


2. Bars

From fresh Mojitos to a Mezcal cocktails, the bars at Karisma resorts have a wide variety of specialty drinks. At each property, the bars range from energetic to chill, so there’s something for everyone.

Oh, and all the bars are very, very pretty.


3. Sustainability 

This is really valuable and so unique to Karisma properties.

Their sustainable efforts include water and fuel conservation efforts, an artificial reef to prevent beach erosion, a recycling program, solar panels, a marine turtle conservation program, an eco laundry ozone system and most notably, their greenhouse.

The green house produces fruits and vegetables for all the Karisma properties that are located in Mexico. It’s so cool!


4. Location

Karisma resorts are located throughout Mexico — from Tulum to Cancun–, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. So, if you’re looking for a tropical beach vacation — you just need to stay here.


5. Pools

Literally every pool at every resort is stunning. And, there’s a wide variety of environments.

While some pools are adults-only or “quiet” pools, others offer DJs, games, entertainment, bars and more. So, there’s truly something for everyone.


6. Service

Karisma desires to be known for their quality service — and man, does it show. Their service is spot-on and it’s obvious that each employee truly cares for the needs of their guests.

I absolutely fell in love with everyone I met at Karisma resorts. I found this to be unique and so memorable.


7. Family and Adult Friendly

Karisma does both beautifully.

Their adults-only resorts are more for laid-back vacationers, while their family-friendly resorts offer amazing entertainment and activities.

Honestly, I’m an adult with no kids, but I would definitely stay at any of the Karisma properties — adults-only or non.

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