#WorldOceansDay – 8 Ways You Can Celebrate

It’s obvious that here at BlueSun, we are pretty big fans of the beach, which wouldn’t exist without the great wide ocean itself. The beloved, luxurious resorts we know, love, and sell wouldn’t be here without that body of water. Therefore, it goes without saying that we are totally celebrating June 8th’s #WorldOceanDay!

Thanks to EarthSky.org, we have a list of 8 easy (and fun) ways you can take part in preserving the ocean and spreading the word.

1) Organize a shoreline cleanup in your community.

Even if you don’t live near an ocean! Lakes, streams, and rivers work, as well, because these bodies of water all lead to the ocean!

2) Plan a movie night with your friends, featuring an ocean documentary.

Here’s a few: “End of the Line,” “Sushi: The Global Catch,” and “Sharkwater.”

3) Ask some of your favorite seafood retailers and/or restaurants to source their seafood more sustainably. 

Simply write a letter explaining the importance of ocean-friendly seafood.

4) Try out new sustainable seafood recipes

Use this helpful list of alternatives.

5) Create a shopping list with five of your favorite ocean-friendly seafood choices.

Make sure to carry a sustainable seafood guide or use this iPhone app for when you are dining and shopping for seafood!

6) Host an ocean-friendly seafood dinner for family or friends.

Hand out seafood guides with the menu to explain how (and why) you chose sustainable ingredients for the night.

7) Reduce, reuse, and even refuse plastics.

Bring reusable shopping bags, carry a water bottle or simply take a few minutes to sit down with your coffee or lunch to avoid all that unnecessary take-out plastic and packaging.

8) Help to inform youth about the importance of oceans.

Try teaching a fun lesson to any kids in your life with this Educator’s Guide.