14 Worst Things You Can Do On Vacation

If you’re someone who actually takes advantage of your allotted vacation days each year, you understand the importance of making paid time off count.

PTO days are really the only days in adult life that allow you to call all the shots, give zero craps, eat and drink whatever you want, be lazy and, in some cases, be responsibly irresponsible — you know what I mean.

It’s magical.

But, even though the beauty of vacation is to do whatever the heck you want for a week, there are a few decisions that are so poor and so senseless that no good could ever result from them.

Below are 14 of those decisions.

14 Worst Things You Can Do On Vacation:

1. Over packing.

Pack less to get more out of your trip.

I know, I know — it would be a tragedy if you left your galoshes at home and it ended up raining while you were on the beach in Cancun, but trust me when I tell you that less stuff equals less stress and a better vacation.

For some helpful packing tips, click here.


2. Sitting next to the wrong person on the plane.

This isn’t necessarily in your control, but there are a couple things you can do to ensure at least a little comfort.

First, make sure to check into your flight early. This way, you’ll get to choose your seat and, if you’re traveling with a buddy, who you sit by. Second, make sure to pack in-flight amenities. This doesn’t mean you need to haul everything and the kitchen sink onto the plane, but snacks, entertainment and socks are a must.

For a little advice on how to survive a long flight, click here.


3. Booking a bad hotel.

Picking a good hotel can be incredibly difficult.

Firstly, it’s nearly impossible to tell if a place is nice based on the online pictures — like, it never looks the same in person. Secondly, location is key — and if you don’t know the area, choosing an address can be overwhelming. Lastly, it’s incredibly stressful.

But, lucky for you, we can help you with this. To learn more, click here.


4. Wasting your time in the hotel room.

I know you’re on vacation, but you should get out there and experience the world!

It’s not often that you get out of your routine, out of your house and, possibly, out of your country — so you should take advantage of it. Taste the food, experience the culture and make unforgettable memories.


5. Drinking the water.

This isn’t relevant in every destination, but just stick with bottled water — trust me.


6. Not drinking the drinks.

You’re on vacation — relax!

Especially if you’re at an All Inclusive resort, you should take advantage of the unlimited bar service.

Oh, and if you want to make any of these beverages at home, click here.


7. Not eating the food.

Same as the drinks — take advantage of your resources!


8. Spending too much time on your phone.

You’re on vacation — stay off your phone.

I know you want to keep your friends updated on your whereabouts, what you’re eating and how your legs look on the beach, but the Instagram pics can wait.

Tip: give yourself a few minutes a day to check texts, post pictures, etc. Then, put it on Airplane Mode.


9. Bringing work with you.

Leave the laptop and the emails at home.

I know everyone at work will probably sink a little without you, but let them figure it out for themselves. Don’t let their leech-ness ruin your vacation.


10. Trying to do too much.

It’s only natural to want to justify the cost of your vacation by cramming as many activities as possible into every 24-hour period — right?

Wrong. After your third day of non-stop excursions, beach volleyball and sight-seeing, you’ll be wishing you’d penciled in a day of rest at the pool.

Take a deep breath and relax.


11. Not getting travel insurance.

As much as we want everything to work out perfectly on a trip, that’s not always the case.

I know it’s hard to justify spending more money on a trip that has already cost you thousands, but taking your chances and hoping that Hurricane Zayne doesn’t hit while you’re relaxing on the beach is simply unwise.

Hand over the extra money in exchange for security and potentially the cost of your entire vacation.


12. Being a slave to your itinerary.

Go with the flow.

Even if you spent hours planning out your trip, obstinately sticking to your itinerary only ensures you’ll miss the random opportunities that arise.

In short, flexibility is the key to a successful, immersive, stress-free trip.


13. Carrying your passport with you.

I know it may seem safer to keep a passport on your person at all times, but it’s not.

Fun Fact: 160,050 UK passports were either lost or stolen abroad between 2008 and 2013 alone. Don’t let that be you.

In most cases, hotels offer a safe for you to keep things — you guessed it — safe. Your passport belongs there for the duration of your trip.

On another note, if you want to make your passport cute, click here.


14. Not wearing sunscreen. 

This is self-explanatory… wear sunscreen.


So, ready to book your next vacation? We’ve got you covered!