7 Reasons You Need to Make Jamaica Your Next Destination

Out of all the places I’ve been, the island of Jamaica stands out as being one of the most incredible and most welcoming.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was met with friendly smiles, chill vibes and beautiful landscapes. And, throughout my five days there, I was only more and more impressed.

Not only is the island blessed with incredible beauty, but it’s rich with culture that influences every aspect of its being. From the food, to the music, to the activities, it’s clear that the Jamaican people take pride in what they do — and it’s awesome.

So basically, if you haven’t been there, you should go — like, now!

7 Reasons You Need to Make Jamaica Your Next Destination:

1. Beach

The beaches of Jamaica are beautiful, lush and have the feeling of complete privacy. Even in the busiest seasons, you won’t experience large crowds — which is my idea of heaven.

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2. Ocean

How could you not love the warm, crystal-clear water of the Caribbean?

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3. Food

The food in Jamaica is amazing. Much of it is made with a lot of spice and served family-style. They also eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables — my personal favorite.

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4. Drink

There are a lot of delicious drinks in Jamaica, but my favorite has to be the coconut water.

The coconuts you drink out of are literally from the trees around you — all you need is a straw. You’ll leave the Island of Love looking at boxed coconut water in a whole new (read: bad) light.

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5. Resorts

Since Jamaica is one of the original vacation destinations, the All Inclusive resorts that sit on the island are some of the best.

To see what this destination has to offer, click here.

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6. Rick’s Cafe

This famous hot spot is a bar and restaurant, but most people visit to cliff dive and watch the sunset. And, if you time it right, you may even catch a little live music.

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7. Vibes

Though I’m in love with the beaches, food and scenery of Jamaica, my favorite thing has to be the culture.

While there, you’re made to feel like part of the family. From the laid-back vibes, to the friendly people, to the slow way of living, you’ll leave the island feeling more at ease than you ever have.

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So, ready to visit Jamaica? We can help!

Image Source: @aioutlet and @sarah_kal